How Big Data and Predictive Analytics are changing the world for IBM and its clients

Last week, Numrush was present at the annual “Information On Demand” event that was organized by IBM in collaboration with 300 of its business partners in Las Vegas. Attracted by the enticing slogan “Think Big, Deliver Big, WIN Big”, approximately 11,000 relations, staff members, clients and media representatives attended the event to learn about current […]

Facebook can predict how long a relationship will last

Scientists can find a wealth of fascinating data on Facebook. This often yields interesting findings. For instance, did you know that it’s possible to use Facebook data to predict whether a romantic relationship will stand the test of time? After analyzing over a million Facebook profiles, Jon Kleinberg, a computer scientist at Cornell, and Lars […]

Google helps entrepreneurs visualize their data on a map

Google has well-documented expertise in searching, and has been a major player in the field of cartography for the longest time. With Google Maps Engine Pro, the Big G wants to take things in the latter field to the next level with a new service that allows entrepreneurs to quickly visualize data on a map. […]

IBM uses Big Data to combat deadly infectious diseases

At this time of the year, you often see missives in which technology companies make predictions with regard to the spread of influenza. Google can measure this based on search queries for drugs, while Twitter and Facebook can monitor this based on snotty tweets and “I feel knackered” updates. The team at IBM wanted to […]

The future of online flight reservations

If you travel regularly for business or pleasure and book flights yourself, you will no doubt have felt frustration over the incomprehensible and cluttered websites of airline companies. Time for a fresh look at all the data that has to be visualized. This was exactly the idea of creative agency Fi (short for Fantasy Interactive). […]

Data research identifies large-scale divide in medical costs in the U.S.

A typical example of ‘the right tool in the wrong hands’. That is the conclusion of a small committee of medics who carried out a study into the costs of medical interventions in the United States. According to the scientists, some doctors now even have to perform medical interventions 50 hours a day. The data […]

Infographic: What will be the name of the new #RoyalBaby?

Early this morning, Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William were finally spotted at the St. Mary hospital in London. The royal labor has started! UK bookmakers have been speculating for months over the sex of the new heir to the throne and, of course, the name of the little prince or princess. Check out […]

Jay-Z was right: Most rappers lie about their riches

If you are a real hip hop fan, the heading above this article should not come as a big surprise. However, on his latest album, hip hop icon Jay-Z rightly asks himself how much rappers are actually making up. High time to set the record straight! The truth in my verses, versus, your metaphors about […]

Indispensable this summer: a map showing how beer is called across Europe

If you intend to travel around Europe this summer then get your printer ready for this backpack must-have. This Friday afternoon’s essential data visualization has to be the map of Europe that shows the names of beer in other countries! Naturally, it is a bit old-fashioned to print out a map and take it with […]