Start Up Universe visualizes the universe of Internet companies, founders, and investors

The new data visualization Start Up Universe paints an impressive picture of the ‘start-up universe’ as of 1990: fresh new Internet companies, their founders, and investors. Not just by company, but also by interrelation. Very impressive! The tool was created by the design agency Accurat, after which designer Ben Willers took it to the next […]

Stadtbilder: there is art to your Foursquare check-ins

We often present you with cool tools that allow you to create magic from your Foursquare check-ins. In many cases these are web applications, but how about a classic offline experience? The hotspots of your favorite city as an art object on your wall — Stadtbilder makes it possible. The person responsible for Stadtbilder’s creative […]

Hotshot Charts visualizes this season’s performance by NBA players

Thanks to a miraculous revival by child prodigy LeBron James in the sixth and seventh game, Miami Heat succeeded in winning the prestigious NBA title this year. The combination of Americans, sports and statistics often yields fantastic results, and these Hotshot Charts are a case in point. Hotshot Charts is a data visualization by a […]

Re:Log shows the movement of visitors based on their connected device

Last month Google attracted a fair share of attention with its initiative to track visitors to its I/O conference in various innovative ways. This data viz by Re:Publica 2013 shows that even less exciting technology can result in very neat images. A dynamic map of the conference center shows the global positions of devices that […]

Infographic: In the future we will all have a self-driving car

To us it has always seemed a thing of an all too distant future: cars that bring us to our destination without requiring us to sit behind the wheel. However, the infographic below shows that the introduction of self-driving cars is closer than we might think. The first models are expected to hit showrooms as […]

A per-country analysis of tweets on the Eurovision Song Contest

While it’s like an oven outside and summer finally seems to have arrived despite a few false starts, let’s travel a month back in time for a bit. Because aren’t you interested in knowing how much of a hot topic the Eurovision Song Contest was on the web? Exceptionally hot, if we are to believe […]

Foodzy Foodprint: a weekly infographic that helps you kick off the week in optimum health

Earlier this morning, regular users of Foodzy encountered a small surprise in their inbox. In the early hours of the day, the Amsterdam start-up launched their first expanded offering in the shape of the Foodprint. It concerns a personalized weekly infographic that gives your week an insightful start.

Beatquake: a Facebook app that provides an overview of the music you have listened to

The introduction of Open Graph for Facebook made it possible to share more than just likes and links with friends. By now, over 110 million songs, albums and radio stations have been shared via the social network, and they have been played over 40 billion times. So what does this tsunami of sound look like? […]

Women prefer Twitter and Facebook, men Google+ and LinkedIn

Check the infographic below for a bunch of fun facts. It is the result of various studies into social media usage among American men and women. compiled the most interesting findings from studies by organizations such as, Pew Research and The New York Times, and created a data visualization focusing on the battle of […]

The Next Web 2013: Stephen Wolfram on the possibilities of Big Data and data visualization

Wearables, (big) data and data visualization all get their fair share of attention at The Next Web Conference 2013. One person really caused a stir with his presentation on real time data visualization and analyses this afternoon. Stephen Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Research showed the crowd how a combination of code and relatively simple algorithmes […]