How Big Data and Predictive Analytics are changing the world for IBM and its clients

Last week, Numrush was present at the annual “Information On Demand” event that was organized by IBM in collaboration with 300 of its business partners in Las Vegas. Attracted by the enticing slogan “Think Big, Deliver Big, WIN Big”, approximately 11,000 relations, staff members, clients and media representatives attended the event to learn about current […]

Everybody can improve their gardening skills with the smart Soil IQ

They say it helps if you talk to your plants. They won’t talk back, but, taking its cue from Koubachi, the smart Soil IQ sensor intends to help you with gardening or cultivating your own fruit and vegetables. Green fingers never came cheaper! The Soil IQ is more than a compact, sleekly designed sensor. With […]

Electronics become bendable, ductile, organic and transparent

Bendable, ductile and organic. These are terms not readily associated with our traditional view of electronics. But chances are that this classic image of electronics will soon change. Why? Well, last week scientists at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences introduced a bendable and ductile loudspeaker. This transparent loudspeaker is filled with a […]

New ‘MooMonitor’ activity tracker is to map out the health of cattle

An increasing number of people can be seen wearing them. There are also variants for dogs, and even shepherds are using the technology. And for those who are still not tired of this trend, there’s a “moo” activity tracker: the MooMonitor by Dairymaster. The British outfit Dairymaster is not a hip start-up from London’s Silicon […]

Breathing Earth: a breathtaking animation of a year on earth

You may already know that NASA shares a lot of its discoveries and spectacular images with the rest of the world via the web. Examples include the Twitter account for the Mars rover Curiosity, which regularly posts pictures, movies and other information on and from the rover. Perhaps the most beautiful example is the Visible […]

Buienradar gets a sister site: introducing Zomerradar

For many Dutch people, the app and web service Buienradar (‘rain showers radar’) has become a virtually indispensable tool. Whether you are going to a music festival, organizing a barbecue or setting out for a walk for to the train station from work or school, if it’s cloudy, you can check beforehand whether rain is […]

Science Lab to unite scientists and web developers

Science and technological development. Sometimes the two seem like two completely separate highways. Start-ups and web developers are building an increasing number of apps, services and products in the hope to provide solutions to daily problems, whereas scientific researchers are capable of achieving breakthrough results, but lack the tools and techniques to collect and process […]

Project Loon: Google releases balloons so the whole world will have WiFi

This week saw the release of more information on Project Loon. This is an experiment by Google that involves sending up big balloons that are to provide the entire world with access to a WiFi signal. Although it may smack of some kind of corny April fool joke, Project Loon is a deadly serious exercise. […]

BBC launches weather app for iOS and Android

There is nothing more unpredictable than the weather, as this cold spring once again proves. And the weather is as least as fickle in the United Kingdom. This proved occasion for the BBC to launch its own Weather app. Just before the start of various major British events, such as Wimbledon, Glastonbury and the Silverstone […]

Nest launches a new version of its smart thermostat

It is now almost a year ago that Nest raised the bar for smart thermostats up an inch or two. With their brilliantly designed ‘Learning Thermostat’, which cannot only be controlled via a computer or smartphone but also learns how to provide you with the best temperature based on your usage, the American company managed […]