Hans Rosling on the declining worldwide child mortality

When people think about Bill Gates, they think Microsoft. Hopefully, they also think about the Gates Foundation, in which Gates has been putting in tons of time and energy to make the world a better place. In his annual objectives letter, the measurability of results are central. Moreover, who can better explain this than the […]

Nest sells over 40,000 thermostats a month

During a new investment round, the American company Nest was able to secure no less than $80 million. This resulted in the manufacturer of smart thermostats being valued at approximately $800 million. Moreover, although the European roll-out has not yet reached full steam, Nest is currently selling over 40,000 thermostats a month. Nest’s CEO, Tony […]

#LeWeb12: CEO Tony Fadell announces European launch of the Nest thermostat

Le Web ’12, the annual Internet convention that takes place, today, tomorrow and the day after in Paris centers around ‘The Internet of Things’ this year. An interesting topic for which there are enough interesting speakers. Like Tony Fadell for instance, the CEO and co-founder of the amazing Nest Thermostat. During his onstage interview with […]

A look round in Google’s datacenters

For years, people have wondered what the server park of the world’s largest search engines looks like. Now after all this time, Google revealed this week for the first time ever a series of photographs of the hugely impressive – and strikingly happily colored – space. A true museum of the 21st century: via ThisIsColossal […]

TED reveals its best-watched videos of all time

The past few years has seen TED become a household name in the Netherlands. At TED events across the world remarkable speakers generally present ideals worth sharing. This often entails a vision of the future or a trend, but also on art, design, health, the third world or environmental policy, politics, architecture and so on. […]