Gamers solve HIV puzzle that went unsolved for years in just 10 days

Two years ago, if you attended a lecture on the impact of gamification, it was only a question of time before the speaker would list FoldIt as the eminent example of what a collective of gamers can achieve. FoldIt now strikes again, this time in relation to an HIV-related puzzle. It was a last-ditch effort, […]

Active ‘self-tracking’ to help Ajax on its way to the next championship

As technology becomes more accessible to everybody, an increasing number of soccer coaches and clubs are beginning to see the use of active monitoring of their players. First, the Dutch national soccer coach started checking their sleep patterns, and now Ajax’ coach Frank de Boer has started investigating the stress factor. This was one of […]

IBM predicts heart failure using Big Data

IBM thinks that in the future it will be able to predict heart failure through Big Data analytics. In the United States, heart failure is a very common and costly disease. People who suffer from this condition often die within five years after having been diagnosed with it. In 2009, IBM joined forces with health […]

Fitbit Force now officially announced

As we predicted last week, the Fitbit Force is on its way. Today, the successor to the Fitbit Flex was officially announced. The new fitness tracker features two important additions: an OLED display and an altitude meter. Its display allows users to call up more information than ever before. For instance, you can directly check […]

Amiigo: the youngest player in the wearable market

The market for wearables continues to grow. Approximately a year ago, we already wrote about the Amiigo, the latest fitness wristband on the market. Back then, the crowdfunding project still had to begin, but its inventors have already attracted funding (a cool 580,710 dollars) and taken the first wristbands into production! The Amiigo consists of […]

Radiate Athletics: sportswear that provides immediate feedback on your effort

Radiate Athletics is a true Kickstarter success story, making it a perfect pick for FundRush. Although the original target was set at only 30,000 dollars, this crowdfunding project managed to attract almost 579,600 dollars! Radiate Athletics is a designer of sportswear. Not regular sportswear, that is, but shirts that respond to your body temperature. The […]

One in three Brits visit their GP less often due to the advent of health gadgets

A recent study into the use of activity trackers and other health-related gadgets among the British public has yielded a number of interesting insights. Not only do the British extensively invest in gadgets, it also causes them to visit their general practitioner less frequently. No less than one in three of the participants in the […]

IBM uses Big Data to combat deadly infectious diseases

At this time of the year, you often see missives in which technology companies make predictions with regard to the spread of influenza. Google can measure this based on search queries for drugs, while Twitter and Facebook can monitor this based on snotty tweets and “I feel knackered” updates. The team at IBM wanted to […]

Five ways Big Data can save lives

Big Data is everywhere. This also applies to the healthcare sector. So, how can Big Data provide a tangible contribution to healthcare? Here’s a list of five ways Big Data can actually save lives. 1. Identifying side-effects and adverse reactions to drugs Research has shown that Big Data makes it possible to uncover hitherto unknown […]

Electronic spoon assists Parkinson’s patients in their daily life

The LiftWare spoon helps people with Parkinson’s disease to eat in a normal way. Parkinson’s patients suffer from involuntary, rhythmic and alternating movements of one or more body parts. These often occur in their arms or hands, which leaves them incapable of just performing the most basic activities of daily life. The LiftWare spoon aims […]