Foursquare opens its doors to ‘data nerds’ with the sale of its real-time data

After a disastrous 2012 (from a financial perspective) and a storm of criticism, Foursquare seems to have finally found a way to convert its huge data set into cold hard cash. According to the weblog of the location-based service, the headquarters in New York is opening its doors to ‘data nerds’ who want to use […]

Google’s new APIs transform your smartphone into an activity tracker

It may not have come as a total surprise to Moves, Saga, Pinion and Human, but the news during the first day of the I/O developer event may still have raised quite a few eyebrows. This was when The Big G announced the introduction of no less than three new APIs. The Activity API is […]

Automatic lifelogging with the Saga app

Last summer, we already dedicated a short article to the Saga app, which was touted as a service that continued where Siri left off. Last week, this ‘automatic lifelog app’ finally saw its introduction to the general public in the shape of a free iOS and Android app. Saga uses GPS data to track your […]

Facebook set to acquire location-based service Waze for $1 billion

Waze has managed to make big waves in the past few years. Where other start-ups quickly ended up in limbo, the Israeli producer of the crowd-sourced traffic service has not failed to attract the attention of major players in Silicon Valley. For instance, last summer it was announced that Waze would be providing real-time traffic […]

Foursquare visualizes 500 million check-ins; The Netherlands uniquely active in Europe

If you think the popularity of Foursquare is still relative in the Netherlands, will be surprised if you see the locations of the last 500 million check-ins for the service. Millions of people across the world use the app on a daily basis to discover new locations. Restaurants, bars, clubs and stores, new sites are […]

Wannahave: a zeppelin with an integrated camera you can control using your iPhone

Here’s a new gadget for your next Christmas wish list: a zeppelin camera you can control using your iPhone! This is possible with the Zipper, a new camera that has been specially designed for taking pictures from up on high. You can set trajectories for the small flying camera from your iPhone. The small electric […]