Next-level breakdown service: Renault is building a mobile 3D printer for motor mechanics

A mechanic who always carries the right tools and can create any missing component using a 3D printer. With this idea in mind, the 3D-printing enthusiasts at Le FabShop set out to convert a car into a mobile 3D printer. Le FabShop teamed up with Renault to convert a regular car into a vehicle with […]

Anki Drive: a cool racing game for the iPhone and harbinger of the Robot Revolution

Don’t worry: its not the start of Skynet. However, the advent of domestic robots seems to have been officially kick-started with the introduction of Anki Drive, an iPhone racing game with a twist. No less than four and a half years have gone into the development of these small racing monsters that can best be […]

M-Blocks: little self-building robots

Invented by John Romanishin of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, M-Blocks are small robots that assemble themselves into a single, larger robot. By jumping and twisting, the robots are able to transport themselves, and they can assemble using magnets. Although this in itself may not seem much, these robots are a step […]

Record-breaking sports watch Bia still does not see production

We recently published an overview of the 10 most successful crowd-funding projects. Number five in this list was the Bia women’s sports watch, which managed to attract over 408,160 dollars in financing through a Kickstarter campaign. The Bia is especially designed for small wrists. The wristband can be pulled very tight so that it will […]

These eight wearables are the ones to watch

The market for wearables continues to grow. This makes it virtually impossible to keep track of all the developments. To help you out, we have created a brief overview of the current trends and the wearables you should keep your eyes on: 1. Run-N-Read The Run-N-Read allows you to read texts on an e-reader or […]

The 15 best hidden features in iOS7

We often do not notice features until we have used our new smartphone for quite some time. It would be a shame not to use all the available features straight away, so here’s an overview of the 15 best hidden features in iOS7! 1. Time stamps One of the most frustrating things about iMessage is […]

8 things you didn’t know about Samsung’s Galaxy Gear

Samsung’s smartwatch Galaxy Gear has hit the shops. In the beginning of September, the device was presented during the IFA and met with predominantly positive feedback. Needless to say we have already covered the smartwatch extensively, but here’s a brief overview of the 8 most important advantages the Gear has to offer! 1. More than […]

Life-logging camera Memoto goes into private beta with first production models

We start off the week with Memoto, the life-logging camera from Swedish soil. Funnily enough, we already cursorily touched on this highly successful crowd funding initiative, but this is the first time we dedicate a feature on it. With the first cameras rolling off the production belt, this is a good moment to pay a […]

Quantum Teleportation: one step closer to Star Trek

Doctor Who and Lieutenant Commander Scott can high-five each other: researchers at the University of Queensland have managed to teleport information on a chip using quantum teleportation. Whoa, Scotty! An absolute scoop, according to the Australians. For the first time in history, a team of scientists have managed to teleport a series of data packages […]