Coin: a universal payment card that tidies up your wallet

While various market players are wagering for non-physical payment methods, U.S. start-up Coin has come up with a surprising alternative: a universal payment card that can modify the data on its magnetic strip with lightning speed! For players such as Google, PayPal and Square, it’s quite a challenge to widen the adoption of non-physical payment […]

‘Efteling vehicles’ to become the public transport method of the future

Sustainability is the key issue for public transport companies. In Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom, a neat solution has been invented to achieve this: unmanned futuristic vehicles that run on electricity. These ‘Ultra Pods’ have been developed by Ultra Global PRT and operate like a metro line. A major difference, however, is that you […]

Virtual school trips bring the world into the classroom

For many children, school trips are one of the year’s highlights. Unfortunately, schools are faced with tighter budgets, making it increasingly difficult for them to organize excursion trips at least once a year to a museum, zoo or company. Virtual school trips allow children to engage with subject matter outside of the classroom without major […]

Silicon supercharger makes batteries last weeks

Until now we had to consider ourselves lucky if our smartphones lasted a full day. But now this is set to change. With a new silicon supercharger, your battery will last for weeks, plus it will charge in no time! Technology for turbo-charging batteries has been around for quite some time. However, thus far nobody […]

Let silence rule your house by blocking all outside noise with Sono

You arrive home from work. All you want to do is relax for a bit, and then suddenly the alarm goes off next door or another ambulance drives by. The only outside noise you want to hear is birds chirping, leaves rustling and other soothing natural sounds. It was with this idea in mind that […]

IBM aims to enhance mobile payment security with an NFC card

Increasingly, new technological developments show a shift towards the Bluetooth camp. And now IBM is introducing a new concept that uses NFC to enhance the security of personal data during mobile payment transactions. Should we be surprised by this move or actually consider it a logical development? We see this trend occurring time and again […]

Save water with the new Iro sprinkler system

After the launch of the Soil IQ, gardening is now being made just that bit easier with the introduction of a smart sprinkling system by Rachio. Its sprinklers take into account the weather conditions, season and the type of plants in your garden to minimize wastage of water. Christopher Klein, Rachio’s co-founder, says that regular […]

MyFocus eliminates all digital and real-life distractions

When we are working we receive messages from everywhere. One person sends you an email you just have to answer, and them someone calls you regarding an urgent problem. This makes it hard to get your task at hand done. CanFocus has come up with a solution to this problem in the shape of the […]

Mercedes-Benz showcases its first self-driving car

Last week, Mercedes-Benz presented its first ever self-driving car to the public. During a showcase, the new Mercedes S 500 Intelligent Drive drove for the first time along a route of over 100 kilometer, all by itself. During this milestone for Mercedes, the car manufacturer thought it fitting to take a historic route — the […]

Party pooper Evgeny Morozov: ‘appification’ does not solve complex issues

Yesterday, web critic Evgeny Morozov gave a lecture in the framework of the 25th anniversary of the Mediafonds, the Dutch Cultural Media Fund. During his presentation, he outlined various worst-case scenarios for a public sector that looks too much to Silicon Valley. In his own words, Evgeny Morozov is really a more suitable speaker for […]