13:56 wristband lets you operate your smartphone by moving your arm

I have often said it — it is possible to take the development of wearables too far. However, contrary to the Embrace+, the 13:56 wristband offers more potential than people initially thought. But its creators have made a few design choices that are likely to prohibit large-scale success. Although the 13:56 wristband features a simple […]

The next in Quantified Self: collecting dreams

We all dream, but forget 95 per cent of them upon waking. Hunter Lee Soik thought this was a shame and invented an app that lets users collect dreams: Shadow. Shadow is an alarm clock that wakes you by gradually getting louder. Since you are not directly snapped out of your dream, there is a […]

Ton Steenman: ‘Besides connectivity, analyzing all the data is our key challenge’

Last week, he really played a home match. During the FIA Mobility Conference in The Hague, Intel executive Ton Steenman, a former resident of the Dutch court-capital, delivered a keynote on connected cars. A chip manufacturer at a car event — it’s more logical than it would seem at first glance. We spoke to Steenman […]

RIDEYE: a black box for bikes

Lately, the number of accidents involving cyclists seems to have picked up at an alarming pace. And more often than one would imagine, people decide to drive on without giving a moment’s thought to the accident or the parties involved. This inspired Cedric Bosch to develop RIDEYE, a black box that you can mount on […]

Hands on with the 3Doodler: the pen that lets you draw in 3D

A pen that lets you draw in 3D. Approximately half a year ago, 3Doodler was the Kickstarter project that nobody tired of talking about. And now it’s here. Naturally, when we attended the IFA in Berlin we were eager to check whether the device lived up to the hype. What is immediately striking is the […]

Heart pulse monitor Nymi aiming to become the ultimate replacement of your passwords and keychain

It is becoming virtually impossible to remember the host of passwords, PIN codes and passphrases required to enter one’s clubhouse. And let’s not forget that ever-expanding keychain. Canadian start-up Nymi intends to change this with the introduction of their new smart wristband. Their heart pulse monitor is to become the ultimate security solution. Way back […]

British start-up is working on software that recognizes tone-of-voice

We’ve all heard or said it: sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Well, explain that to Siri. Intonation and empathic skills may well be the greatest gaps that the voice recognition software must close, and that that is precisely what a British start-up is working on around the clock. At […]

Worried about Google Glass and your privacy? Dress up in stealth-wear!

With the recent introduction of the first 8,000 Google Glass devices, eager fans probably find themselves largely outnumbered by concerned critics. Many claim Google Glass might just represent the greatest breach of privacy and social etiquette we have seen in years. The fact that people wearing a Google Glass device can make pictures and videos […]

Microsoft is working on a smartphone that can detect your mood

Of course, there is nothing better than being in the doldrums and sharing this automatically with the outside world via your smartphone. Recent research by Microsoft brings this functionality a step closer, to the delight of these ‘Sharers Without Frontiers’. It can also share automatically, by the way. The new technology is called ‘MoodScope’ and […]

Intel and CITRIS researchers focus on the interaction between humans and robots

Anyone who thinks that the current technological innovations bring us closer than ever to The Jetsons are still wide of the mark. However, although the capabilities of the current generation of robots may not blow you off your feet, the Robotics Lab at The University of California in Berkeley is nevertheless making important discoveries on […]