Strava trumps Nike by launching the first app with M7 support

I can just picture it: high-fives all around the Strava office: “We just did it!”. Because the new version of Strava Run is the very first app to use the M7 processor in the new iPhone 5S, trumping sports giant Nike. The new M7 coprocessor was first presented during the launch of the iPhone 5S […]

Nike creates new metro map for London showing FuelPoints between stations

A Nike+ FuelBand is a great device for tracking your daily activities. The app’s playful nature will quickly challenge you to move more — between metro stations, for instance. The people at Nike thought the same, so they sent out a data scientist to determine how many FuelPoints you can actually earn by walking from […]

The W/Me bracelet analyzes your heart rate and respiration — and helps you locate your smartphone

It looks like wearables are becoming a tad smarter with every new wave. A case in point is the Kickstarter project W/Me, a smart bracelet that does not focus so much on your (sports) activities, but aims to provide you with a more holistic overview of your health status.

The 8 activity trackers which are going to keep you fit in 2013

Here at Numrush we regularly cover the latest innovations designed to track your activity. But what in fact are the eight most important gadgets you need to keep an eye on for 2013, or which you might even buy? We’ve listed them for you!