Watson in de cloud: IBM’s supercomputer to become available to developers

Using a supercomputer from time to time… this sounds like a privilege for the happy few, but if it’s up to IBM, the near future should see programmers should be able to use its famous supercomputer Watson. According to PC World, Big Blue is working on a cloud service that lets developers leverage a ‘light’ […]

Amazon set to broadcast its own TV series after exhaustive data analytics

This month, Amazon will broadcast two new television series that it has entirely produced in-house. Needless to say, this was not done in a spur of the moment, but in typical Amazon fashion: after an in-depth analysis of various data streams. Already this spring, CEO Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon would start producing its own […]

The data revolution: why is everybody suddenly talking about Big Data?

That Big Data has made it to the agenda of the media industry became clear once more in the past week. Last Tuesday, Media Werkgroep organized a theme afternoon for all MWG members that centered on the topic ‘Big Data’. I was invited to hold the following presentation, an introduction to ‘Big Data’. Among other […]