Watson in de cloud: IBM’s supercomputer to become available to developers

Using a supercomputer from time to time… this sounds like a privilege for the happy few, but if it’s up to IBM, the near future should see programmers should be able to use its famous supercomputer Watson. According to PC World, Big Blue is working on a cloud service that lets developers leverage a ‘light’ […]

Beatquake: a Facebook app that provides an overview of the music you have listened to

The introduction of Open Graph for Facebook made it possible to share more than just likes and links with friends. By now, over 110 million songs, albums and radio stations have been shared via the social network, and they have been played over 40 billion times. So what does this tsunami of sound look like? […]

Foursquare opens its doors to ‘data nerds’ with the sale of its real-time data

After a disastrous 2012 (from a financial perspective) and a storm of criticism, Foursquare seems to have finally found a way to convert its huge data set into cold hard cash. According to the weblog of the location-based service, the headquarters in New York is opening its doors to ‘data nerds’ who want to use […]

Google’s new APIs transform your smartphone into an activity tracker

It may not have come as a total surprise to Moves, Saga, Pinion and Human, but the news during the first day of the I/O developer event may still have raised quite a few eyebrows. This was when The Big G announced the introduction of no less than three new APIs. The Activity API is […]