GlassFit puts the fun and excitement back in running using augmented reality

The apps that are currently available for Google Glass are a lot of fun, but not really very useful. However, towards the end of this year an app will be released that will make it more attractive to purchase one of Google’s devices. The GlassFit app lets you compete against yourself when jogging or cycling. […]

3D printing makes prosthetics a lot cheaper and more sustainable

Prosthetics are expensive — unless you use a 3D printer and smartphones rather than expensive hardware and unique components. That is the idea behind the Handie, a hand prosthetic that takes less than $400 to produce. Handie is a prosthetic that consists of components created using a 3D printer. This approach not only results in […]

The 11 best self-improvement apps

Everybody has something they would like to change about their lives. Eating just a tad healthier food, for instance, solving a particular problem or simply being a bit more aware of the finer things in life. This can be difficult at times. Fortunately, there are apps available which will give you that little nudge in […]

The next in Quantified Self: collecting dreams

We all dream, but forget 95 per cent of them upon waking. Hunter Lee Soik thought this was a shame and invented an app that lets users collect dreams: Shadow. Shadow is an alarm clock that wakes you by gradually getting louder. Since you are not directly snapped out of your dream, there is a […]

GetGlue is working on a new app that charts your TV behavior

Through its Twitter account, GetGlue posted the following teaser, in which it announces a relaunch of its app. Among other things, GetGlue allows TV spectators to track which program they are watching and to chat about it with friends. Users can earn ‘stickers’ as a reward for their check-ins.     Coming Soon… — […]

Buienradar gets a sister site: introducing Zomerradar

For many Dutch people, the app and web service Buienradar (‘rain showers radar’) has become a virtually indispensable tool. Whether you are going to a music festival, organizing a barbecue or setting out for a walk for to the train station from work or school, if it’s cloudy, you can check beforehand whether rain is […]

Data synching between Foodzy and Fitbit now works both ways

Users of Foodzy, an app and web service that allows you to keep track of what you eat and drink each day, can now view their diet data on their Fitbit dashboard. Although the link between Fitbit and Foodzy has been available for some time, until now it was only possible to synch Fitbit data […]

Noom Walk for Android: a social pedometer on your smartphone

The market for ‘apptivity trackers’ is becoming rather crowded. The term refers to smartphone apps that are meant to replace hardware solutions like the Jawbone UP or Fitbit. The latest Android player is fitness startup Noom, and is named, surprise, surprise, Walk. The idea behind Walk is as simple as it is familiar: after you […]

Adidas announces smart football: measure the speed, rotation and distance of your shot

Yesterday, Adidas announced a new pair of soccer boots. The fact that the Adizero F50 only weighs 99 grams is remarkable enough in itself, but what really makes it special is that it offers full miCoach integration to analyze your leg work. However, it was the new Smart Ball that the sportswear giant launched yesterday […]

PingMD enables family physicians to handle and diagnose patient complaints quicker

Anybody who has ever phoned a family physician will know that it is not always easy to directly speak to their doctor. Often it is necessary to make an appointment first — even if all you want is a quick answer to a relatively innocuous health issue. The New York start-up PingMD thinks it has […]