Strava trumps Nike by launching the first app with M7 support

I can just picture it: high-fives all around the Strava office: “We just did it!”. Because the new version of Strava Run is the very first app to use the M7 processor in the new iPhone 5S, trumping sports giant Nike. The new M7 coprocessor was first presented during the launch of the iPhone 5S […]

The 15 best hidden features in iOS7

We often do not notice features until we have used our new smartphone for quite some time. It would be a shame not to use all the available features straight away, so here’s an overview of the 15 best hidden features in iOS7! 1. Time stamps One of the most frustrating things about iMessage is […]

iBeacons: Apple permanently closes the door on NFC and embraces Bluetooth

Sometimes the things that remain unsaid turn out to be the most important in the long run. Such as the introduction of iBeacons in iOS 7. While it went untouched during previous keynotes by Apple, the company has now made things abundantly clear: “NFC? No F***ing Chance“. Actually, the writing was already on the wall […]

Apple discourages the use of iOS 7 among its own staff

Since the announcement of a large-scale redesign of iOS 7, Apple fans cannot wait to see the result of the colorful project by designer Jony Ive with their own eyes. This is already possible through a shortcut, or at least if you have an iPhone developer account. Unfortunately, it will quickly become evident for those […]

Siri asks users for help with the pronunciation of names

Dutch iPhone users sometimes find themselves entangled in hilarious conversations when they ask Siri to phone a person in their list of contacts. After all, many Dutch names are as good as unpronounceable to the smartphone’s voice-controlled help system. However, this problem will soon be solved (in part) in iOS 7, as Siri will ask […]

‘Apple won’t launch an iWatch until 2014’

More news on the smartwatch front this morning. Following rumors that Apple is set to introduce a smartwatch before the end of the year, there are now reports that the official launch will be postponed until somewhere in 2014. However, word on the street is that the first batch of prototypes is already in the […]

Facebook set to acquire location-based service Waze for $1 billion

Waze has managed to make big waves in the past few years. Where other start-ups quickly ended up in limbo, the Israeli producer of the crowd-sourced traffic service has not failed to attract the attention of major players in Silicon Valley. For instance, last summer it was announced that Waze would be providing real-time traffic […]

‘Microsoft’s Xbox team is already testing a smartwatch’

It really is true: a day is an eternity on the Interwebs, let alone two days. While on Monday we covered a rumor that Microsoft was talking with suppliers about the production of a smartwatch, today The Verge reports the company is already testing smartwatch prototypes with a 1.5 inch touchscreen.

It was only a matter of time: Microsoft is now also working on a smartwatch

After Apple, Samsung, Google and LG announced their plans for smartwatches, Microsoft now also shows itself a contender in the battle for time – if we are to believe the latest rumors reaching the editors of the Wall Street Journal. The software giant is reported to be hold negotiations with various suppliers for the production […]