How self-tracking and sports apps manage to actually change human behavior

Self-tracking has a long history in the area of sports. It’s therefore not surprising that a large number of the most popular apps are found in the sports market. For instance, apps for runners represent one of the most popular app categories in the various app stores. Currently over 100 million sports apps are downloaded. […]

8 things you didn’t know about Samsung’s Galaxy Gear

Samsung’s smartwatch Galaxy Gear has hit the shops. In the beginning of September, the device was presented during the IFA and met with predominantly positive feedback. Needless to say we have already covered the smartwatch extensively, but here’s a brief overview of the 8 most important advantages the Gear has to offer! 1. More than […]

First porn app for Google Glass already in the making

The porn industry has traditionally led the way when it comes to the development and acceptance of new technologies. It was therefore only a matter of time that the first erotic Google Glass apps would be developed. And lo and behold — these rumors have now been confirmed by MiKandi (#NSFW), a producer of various […]

IBM’s Watson has finished studying medicine and now focuses on customer service

The life of a super computer is full of surprises. After IBM’s Watson beat everybody at Jeopardy without flinching as much as a processor, it recently obtained its PhD in medicine. So it started looking for a new challenge, and strangely enough, opted for customer service. The super computer that is able to draw up […]

Google’s new APIs transform your smartphone into an activity tracker

It may not have come as a total surprise to Moves, Saga, Pinion and Human, but the news during the first day of the I/O developer event may still have raised quite a few eyebrows. This was when The Big G announced the introduction of no less than three new APIs. The Activity API is […]