How Big Data and Predictive Analytics are changing the world for IBM and its clients

Last week, Numrush was present at the annual “Information On Demand” event that was organized by IBM in collaboration with 300 of its business partners in Las Vegas. Attracted by the enticing slogan “Think Big, Deliver Big, WIN Big”, approximately 11,000 relations, staff members, clients and media representatives attended the event to learn about current […]

IBM predicts heart failure using Big Data

IBM thinks that in the future it will be able to predict heart failure through Big Data analytics. In the United States, heart failure is a very common and costly disease. People who suffer from this condition often die within five years after having been diagnosed with it. In 2009, IBM joined forces with health […]

Five ways Big Data can save lives

Big Data is everywhere. This also applies to the healthcare sector. So, how can Big Data provide a tangible contribution to healthcare? Here’s a list of five ways Big Data can actually save lives. 1. Identifying side-effects and adverse reactions to drugs Research has shown that Big Data makes it possible to uncover hitherto unknown […]

Datalandia: a city saved by connected devices and Big Data

Earlier, we already wrote about the impact of Big Data on movies, but GE now has a scoop in the shape of a movie on Big Data. Or to be more precise, a trailer and five short animated videos in which the U.S. company shares its vision on the future. This summer the most clichéd […]

What is ‘Persuasion Modeling’, and how did it help Obama to win the elections?

One of the best examples of a successful application of a Big Data analytics strategy is Barack Obama’s victory during last year’s presidential elections. The team surrounding the current President of the United States used ‘Persuasion Modeling’ to reach its target group with razor sharp precision. ‘Predictive analytics’ is by far the most familiar application […]

The 7 myths about Big Data

Data. We love to write about it, enthusiastically and as often as possible. This applies particularly to the impact (big) data can and will have on our daily lives. But everything has a flipside. We know what Big Data can do, but what are the things it cannot do?

How ‘wearable technology’ will change the face of collaboration in the sports world

When it comes to marketing campaigns by multinational companies, two new trends can be identified: a greater focus on the Return On Investment (ROI), and marketing with a greater focus on corporate social responsibility. If you were to View More information on the latter, you’d know that it entails mostly of SEO, digital marketing, etc. Many […]

Facebook on the verge of making enormous advances in Big Data analytics

In the past few weeks, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg generously devoted his time to provide Wall Street analysts with details surrounding the company’s Q1 report. The entrepreneur kept returning to a striking topic during these interviews: the role of Big Data in Facebook’s plans for the future.

Big Data as a fuel for real-time predictive analytics

“Big Data is the new oil” is often thrown at me, to which I invariably reply: “Big Data is a source of crude oil”. After all, if there is no-one or nothing to refine it, it will remain a substance that can only pollute and offers no added value. However, if it is used in […]

Did you miss The Next Web 2013? Here are all the highlights at a glance

Last week the 8th edition of het annual The Next Web, one of Europe’s largest tech conferences, took place in Amsterdam. It was opened on a festive note by the Netherlands’ then still future king, Willem-Alexander. At TNW we spoke to five of the keynote speakers directly before or after they took the stage. Among […]