Neck tattoo by Motorola allows wearers to operate a smartphone

Motorola, which was acquired by Google two years ago, has submitted a patent that is tantalizing to say the least: the mobile phone manufacturer intends to develop electronic tattoos. These tattoos are to function as a mobile microphone, digital display and lie detector. The electronic tattoo allows its wearers to directly record sounds. All background […]

13:56 wristband lets you operate your smartphone by moving your arm

I have often said it — it is possible to take the development of wearables too far. However, contrary to the Embrace+, the 13:56 wristband offers more potential than people initially thought. But its creators have made a few design choices that are likely to prohibit large-scale success. Although the 13:56 wristband features a simple […]

PayPal also chooses Bluetooth over NFC for its new payment system

During the introduction of iOS 7, it once again became clear that Apple seems to have definitively chosen Bluetooth over NFC for its short-distance communication. The same applies to various gadgets that were introduced during the IFA convention in Berlin, as well as PayPal, which has also opted for Bluetooth LE for its Beacon device. […]

iBeacons: Apple permanently closes the door on NFC and embraces Bluetooth

Sometimes the things that remain unsaid turn out to be the most important in the long run. Such as the introduction of iBeacons in iOS 7. While it went untouched during previous keynotes by Apple, the company has now made things abundantly clear: “NFC? No F***ing Chance“. Actually, the writing was already on the wall […]

New version of Nike+ FuelBand to be equipped with an integrated heart rate monitor and open API

Slowly but surely, the competition in the arena of activity trackers is hotting up. Yesterday, Fitbit introduced the Flex bracelet in the US and Canadian markets, and today there is news about the next generation of the Nike+ Fuelband. Various new features are to give the sports giant a new competitive edge. According to the […]