‘Smart sock’ allows parents to monitor their newborns via a smartphone

Placing a loudspeaker on your coffee table to monitor the sleep pattern of your newborn baby seems a thing of the past. Keeping tabs on the little one is being propelled into the 21st century by solutions like the Withings Baby Monitor and smart diapers. The next in a spade of innovation is a smart […]

GlassUp is to become a crisply designed competitor to Google Glass

A new day, and a new competitor for Google Glass, the Big G’s – still not launched – smart glasses. We are talking about the GlassUp, created in (as the makers say) “the country of design” Italy. The creators are now trying to rake in their budget through Indiegogo. According to the GlassUp team, the […]

Crowd-funded diaper helps parents analyze their baby’s urine

Admittedly, it is not something new parents are likely to come across when they consult the literature on babies. However, over the years it has become clear that the urine of newborns can provide a wealth of information on the health on their youngest sprig. Determining what they should look for and how is quite […]

Pink be gone: GoldieBlox wants to make girls enthusiastic about technology

No less than 90% of all engineers are male. It’s a man’s world indeed. This can and has to be done differently, and it will, says Stanford alumnus Debra Sterling. Her company GoldieBlox manufactures toys that are aimed at getting girls enthusiastic about engineering already at a tender age. Will the toys send Barbie fleeing […]

Embrace+ demonstrates that we can also push things too far with wearables

The new Embrace+ bracelet attracted a lot of attention last week and over the weekend. The slim bracelet is totally in line with the current trend of wearables, but I had my reasons for initially deciding not to write about it last week. Meanwhile, its makers have managed to raise more than three times the […]

The W/Me bracelet analyzes your heart rate and respiration — and helps you locate your smartphone

It looks like wearables are becoming a tad smarter with every new wave. A case in point is the Kickstarter project W/Me, a smart bracelet that does not focus so much on your (sports) activities, but aims to provide you with a more holistic overview of your health status.

The AGENT smartwatch: a formidable contender to Pebble

Anyone who has reservations about the power of crowd funding is likely to feel as if their world is being shook to its core. One success story follows the next. A fine example is the new AGENT smartwatch. Its creators managed to raise no less than four times their $100,000 target within just four days […]

Scanadu launches Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for Scout

I still have to catch my breath, but I have actually done it. For the first time, I have contributed to a crowd funding project. Not just any project: we are talking about the Scanadu Scout. The inventors of this medical tricorder are now trying to raise funds through Indiegogo, and they are doing a […]

Melon Headband maps out your brainwaves and measures your mental focus through EEG

Not so long ago, if you needed an EEG you had to visit the hospital and have all sorts of wires taped to your head. If it is up to Melon, as of this year you will be wearing a (comparably) subtle headband that provides insight into your brainwaves and mental focus. On the Kickstarter […]

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer transforms your iPhone into a GP assistant

Know the feeling? You are not feeling quite right, but are neither ill enough to visit the general practitioner for a thorough checkup. Yup – we are talking about the familiar “it shall soon pass” moment. Needless to say it is not completely right to ignore the symptoms either, so the Kinsa Smart Thermometer might […]