Coin: a universal payment card that tidies up your wallet

While various market players are wagering for non-physical payment methods, U.S. start-up Coin has come up with a surprising alternative: a universal payment card that can modify the data on its magnetic strip with lightning speed! For players such as Google, PayPal and Square, it’s quite a challenge to widen the adoption of non-physical payment […]

Watson in de cloud: IBM’s supercomputer to become available to developers

Using a supercomputer from time to time… this sounds like a privilege for the happy few, but if it’s up to IBM, the near future should see programmers should be able to use its famous supercomputer Watson. According to PC World, Big Blue is working on a cloud service that lets developers leverage a ‘light’ […]

Amazon set to broadcast its own TV series after exhaustive data analytics

This month, Amazon will broadcast two new television series that it has entirely produced in-house. Needless to say, this was not done in a spur of the moment, but in typical Amazon fashion: after an in-depth analysis of various data streams. Already this spring, CEO Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon would start producing its own […]

IBM aims to enhance mobile payment security with an NFC card

Increasingly, new technological developments show a shift towards the Bluetooth camp. And now IBM is introducing a new concept that uses NFC to enhance the security of personal data during mobile payment transactions. Should we be surprised by this move or actually consider it a logical development? We see this trend occurring time and again […]

Quantum Teleportation: one step closer to Star Trek

Doctor Who and Lieutenant Commander Scott can high-five each other: researchers at the University of Queensland have managed to teleport information on a chip using quantum teleportation. Whoa, Scotty! An absolute scoop, according to the Australians. For the first time in history, a team of scientists have managed to teleport a series of data packages […]

Everybody can improve their gardening skills with the smart Soil IQ

They say it helps if you talk to your plants. They won’t talk back, but, taking its cue from Koubachi, the smart Soil IQ sensor intends to help you with gardening or cultivating your own fruit and vegetables. Green fingers never came cheaper! The Soil IQ is more than a compact, sleekly designed sensor. With […]

iBeacons: Apple permanently closes the door on NFC and embraces Bluetooth

Sometimes the things that remain unsaid turn out to be the most important in the long run. Such as the introduction of iBeacons in iOS 7. While it went untouched during previous keynotes by Apple, the company has now made things abundantly clear: “NFC? No F***ing Chance“. Actually, the writing was already on the wall […]

GetGlue is working on a new app that charts your TV behavior

Through its Twitter account, GetGlue posted the following teaser, in which it announces a relaunch of its app. Among other things, GetGlue allows TV spectators to track which program they are watching and to chat about it with friends. Users can earn ‘stickers’ as a reward for their check-ins.     Coming Soon… — […]

Activity tracker Angel: a godsend for creative developers

Out of the blue there’s a white wearable that seems to prove the existence of angels. Because particularly for creative developers, this white wearable is a veritable godsend! The Angel bracelet boasts a host of integrated sensors that will set every self-tracker’s heart ablaze: they measure your movement, skin temperature, blood oxygen level and pulse. […]

Spreadsheets: Big Data on the sexual act, for couples

A resounding cheer from many an office: “Nosing through spreadsheets” has suddenly taken on a much more exciting connotation thanks to a new app named Spreadsheets. To some, it will seem like a borderline idea, but for others it will be a no more than logical: an app for tracking your love life. It may […]