Virtual school trips bring the world into the classroom

For many children, school trips are one of the year’s highlights. Unfortunately, schools are faced with tighter budgets, making it increasingly difficult for them to organize excursion trips at least once a year to a museum, zoo or company. Virtual school trips allow children to engage with subject matter outside of the classroom without major […]

Hi-tech teddy bear to help children growing up with diabetes

Wearables, smartwatches, sensors and… teddy bears. Not so long ago, we wrote about Build-a-Bear’s move to equip toy bears with new technology, and now the U.S. outfit Sproutel is taking things one step further. Their cuddly bear Jerry is to teach children with type 1 diabetes to cope with their illness and help make them […]

‘Digital Natives’ should not only learn to read, but also how to write using technology

Make sure your offspring starts coding as quickly as you can. That is the advice of Mitch Resnick, professor at MIT. Because there are and will be generations that grow up in a world in which technology is available on a massive scale, Resnick thinks these generations will also run into adoption problems if they […]