Facebook can predict how long a relationship will last

Scientists can find a wealth of fascinating data on Facebook. This often yields interesting findings. For instance, did you know that it’s possible to use Facebook data to predict whether a romantic relationship will stand the test of time? After analyzing over a million Facebook profiles, Jon Kleinberg, a computer scientist at Cornell, and Lars […]

Rumors confirmed: Google acquires Israeli navigation service Waze

For months on end, rumors have persisted that Apple would buy Waze. Then the last four weeks suddenly saw Facebook touted as Waze’s suitor. However, hardly a day after the first rumors surfaced about Big G as potential buyer , Google snapped up the Israel-based navigation service. Over the last few months, we have exhaustively […]

Beatquake: a Facebook app that provides an overview of the music you have listened to

The introduction of Open Graph for Facebook made it possible to share more than just likes and links with friends. By now, over 110 million songs, albums and radio stations have been shared via the social network, and they have been played over 40 billion times. So what does this tsunami of sound look like? […]

Facebook on the verge of making enormous advances in Big Data analytics

In the past few weeks, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg generously devoted his time to provide Wall Street analysts with details surrounding the company’s Q1 report. The entrepreneur kept returning to a striking topic during these interviews: the role of Big Data in Facebook’s plans for the future.

Facebook set to acquire location-based service Waze for $1 billion

Waze has managed to make big waves in the past few years. Where other start-ups quickly ended up in limbo, the Israeli producer of the crowd-sourced traffic service has not failed to attract the attention of major players in Silicon Valley. For instance, last summer it was announced that Waze would be providing real-time traffic […]

Women prefer Twitter and Facebook, men Google+ and LinkedIn

Check the infographic below for a bunch of fun facts. It is the result of various studies into social media usage among American men and women. InternetServiceProviders.org compiled the most interesting findings from studies by organizations such as, Pew Research and The New York Times, and created a data visualization focusing on the battle of […]

Facebook might be the world’s largest ‘country’ by 2016

Since the  Facebook social network surpassed the United States as number 3 in the list of large countries in 2010, its popularity in the public opinion seems to be waning. However, the statistics show a different picture. In September, the company surpassed the 1 billion users milestone and currently over 1 billion people are found […]

The data revolution: why is everybody suddenly talking about Big Data?

That Big Data has made it to the agenda of the media industry became clear once more in the past week. Last Tuesday, Media Werkgroep organized a theme afternoon for all MWG members that centered on the topic ‘Big Data’. I was invited to hold the following presentation, an introduction to ‘Big Data’. Among other […]

Romney loses dozens of Facebook likes per minute

In 1983, the Dutch band Het Goede Doel – somewhat pessimistically – informed the public that friendship is an illusion: “vriendschap is een illusie“. This might just become Mitt Romney’s new personal song, since this weekend his 12.1 million Facebook friends are letting him down on a massive scale. Or is it actually the other […]