AIRO wristband analyzes what you’ve eaten in real-time

The activity tracker arena may see an interesting addition in the shape of the AIRO wristband. Besides tracking your sleeping patterns, counting the steps you take and measuring your stress levels, the wearable device is said to be capable of analyzing what you’ve eaten during the day. With the new wristband, the AIRO team not […]

Playing with your food: interactive Pixelate food game recognizes what you eat

Nowadays there are many ways to map out all the food you ingest. You can check it with Foodzy, the comic Hapifork and soon even with a smart tooth. But if you really feel the urge to play with your food, you simply have to play the Pixelate ‘game’ by Sures Kumar and Lana Z […]

Data synching between Foodzy and Fitbit now works both ways

Users of Foodzy, an app and web service that allows you to keep track of what you eat and drink each day, can now view their diet data on their Fitbit dashboard. Although the link between Fitbit and Foodzy has been available for some time, until now it was only possible to synch Fitbit data […]

Foodzy Foodprint: a weekly infographic that helps you kick off the week in optimum health

Earlier this morning, regular users of Foodzy encountered a small surprise in their inbox. In the early hours of the day, the Amsterdam start-up launched their first expanded offering in the shape of the Foodprint. It concerns a personalized weekly infographic that gives your week an insightful start.