Numrush to predict the future in the coming weeks

The last couple of years has seen the pace of technological developments really take off. As you may have noticed, Numrush is able to report something new each day. Every new piece of technology offers the promise to improve your daily lives. So where do all of these predictions stem from? Research shows that a […]

‘Wearables make the majority of users more efficient and better informed’

While the experts say that smartphones are nearing their saturation point, the market for other wearable technology seems to be fully opening up. Recent research shows that wearables can improve one’s information provision by up to no less than 61%. As recurring visitors of this blog will know, the playing field is not limited to […]

Brian David Johnson: “Our main obstacle is a lack of imagination”

The future. That is what author and teacher Brian David Johnson largely deals with. For his role as Futurist at Intel, the American regularly finds himself 10 to 15 years into the future. According to his wife, he only returns home during the weekends to relax a bit. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to have […]

The Next Web 2013: How social networkstructures change the world

The Next Web Conference not only covers the latest trends, but as the name kind of gives away, it also takes a peek at the things happening in the near future. If you’re going to do so, it’s only logical that you invite Marina Gorbis of The Institute Of The Future to share her vision. […]