Anki Drive: a cool racing game for the iPhone and harbinger of the Robot Revolution

Don’t worry: its not the start of Skynet. However, the advent of domestic robots seems to have been officially kick-started with the introduction of Anki Drive, an iPhone racing game with a twist. No less than four and a half years have gone into the development of these small racing monsters that can best be […]

Gamers solve HIV puzzle that went unsolved for years in just 10 days

Two years ago, if you attended a lecture on the impact of gamification, it was only a question of time before the speaker would list FoldIt as the eminent example of what a collective of gamers can achieve. FoldIt now strikes again, this time in relation to an HIV-related puzzle. It was a last-ditch effort, […]

Playing with your food: interactive Pixelate food game recognizes what you eat

Nowadays there are many ways to map out all the food you ingest. You can check it with Foodzy, the comic Hapifork and soon even with a smart tooth. But if you really feel the urge to play with your food, you simply have to play the Pixelate ‘game’ by Sures Kumar and Lana Z […]

A game that helps your children sleep better

Most parents will forbid their kids from indulging in a bout of gaming just before they go to sleep. However, Zeds might make them adopt a different point of view. This game actively involves children in the development of a method that will teach them to sleep better — as of the following morning, that […]