GlassFit puts the fun and excitement back in running using augmented reality

The apps that are currently available for Google Glass are a lot of fun, but not really very useful. However, towards the end of this year an app will be released that will make it more attractive to purchase one of Google’s devices. The GlassFit app lets you compete against yourself when jogging or cycling. […]

Gamers solve HIV puzzle that went unsolved for years in just 10 days

Two years ago, if you attended a lecture on the impact of gamification, it was only a question of time before the speaker would list FoldIt as the eminent example of what a collective of gamers can achieve. FoldIt now strikes again, this time in relation to an HIV-related puzzle. It was a last-ditch effort, […]

GetGlue is working on a new app that charts your TV behavior

Through its Twitter account, GetGlue posted the following teaser, in which it announces a relaunch of its app. Among other things, GetGlue allows TV spectators to track which program they are watching and to chat about it with friends. Users can earn ‘stickers’ as a reward for their check-ins.     Coming Soon… — […]

Spreadsheets: Big Data on the sexual act, for couples

A resounding cheer from many an office: “Nosing through spreadsheets” has suddenly taken on a much more exciting connotation thanks to a new app named Spreadsheets. To some, it will seem like a borderline idea, but for others it will be a no more than logical: an app for tracking your love life. It may […]

Playing with your food: interactive Pixelate food game recognizes what you eat

Nowadays there are many ways to map out all the food you ingest. You can check it with Foodzy, the comic Hapifork and soon even with a smart tooth. But if you really feel the urge to play with your food, you simply have to play the Pixelate ‘game’ by Sures Kumar and Lana Z […]