GlassFit puts the fun and excitement back in running using augmented reality

The apps that are currently available for Google Glass are a lot of fun, but not really very useful. However, towards the end of this year an app will be released that will make it more attractive to purchase one of Google’s devices. The GlassFit app lets you compete against yourself when jogging or cycling. […]

GlassUp is to become a crisply designed competitor to Google Glass

A new day, and a new competitor for Google Glass, the Big G’s – still not launched – smart glasses. We are talking about the GlassUp, created in (as the makers say) “the country of design” Italy. The creators are now trying to rake in their budget through Indiegogo. According to the GlassUp team, the […]

First porn app for Google Glass already in the making

The porn industry has traditionally led the way when it comes to the development and acceptance of new technologies. It was therefore only a matter of time that the first erotic Google Glass apps would be developed. And lo and behold — these rumors have now been confirmed by MiKandi (#NSFW), a producer of various […]

Google Glass gets a competitor: Recon Jet introduces wearable computers for sportspeople

If you had the opportunity to try out the Google Glass device during The Next Web Conference, you may have noticed that the current must have gadget still had a quite delicate feel. Its slender appearance and the current retail price of 1,500 dollars will make it less likely that you will wear the device […]

Wearable computing is the future and will impact everything — including you!

“Humanity finds itself at an important crossroads”. I always use Hal Douglas’ voice when I say this, but that does not detract from the truth of this statement. In the 1990s, nobody dared to buy a mobile phone. In 2003, smartphones were regarded as devices for yuppies, and in 2013 wearable computing is regarded as […]

Robert Scoble: ‘The biggest issue with Google Glass at the moment is the lack of apps’

Robert Scoble had a day job showing off his Google Glass these last few days in Europe. People in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands were all lining up as ‘The Scobleizer‘ was the one of the first to bring out a pair of Google Glass in public. Surely we had to ask Robert about his […]

Eric Schmidt: Google Glass won’t hit the stores until 2014

Last week the first test models were delivered to “Explorers”, and it only seemed logical that Google Glass would hit the consumer market this fall/year. However, Google’s Eric Schmidt contradicted this during an interview with BBC Radio 4. In the interview, Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, voiced his belief that it will take at least […]

Google prohibits buyers from lending or reselling Glass

It sounds too crazy to be true, but Google actually prohibits buyers of Google Glass from lending or reselling their smart goggles. If you do not heed this advice, the big G reserves the right to deactivate your glasses without the possibility of a refund or trade-in. But is this actually the bizarre move it […]