Virtual school trips bring the world into the classroom

For many children, school trips are one of the year’s highlights. Unfortunately, schools are faced with tighter budgets, making it increasingly difficult for them to organize excursion trips at least once a year to a museum, zoo or company. Virtual school trips allow children to engage with subject matter outside of the classroom without major […]

Google helps entrepreneurs visualize their data on a map

Google has well-documented expertise in searching, and has been a major player in the field of cartography for the longest time. With Google Maps Engine Pro, the Big G wants to take things in the latter field to the next level with a new service that allows entrepreneurs to quickly visualize data on a map. […]

This year’s second screen app for the Tour de France is from Google: Your Tour

Although this year celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France, it seems like the host of scandals that have plagued the cyclist world in the past few years have substantially diminished the public’s interest in one of the sporting highlights of the year. Last year, sponsors turned their back en masse on cycling, […]

New rumors Bring ‘Google Mine’ closer: will you soon be sharing your assets via Google+?

From ‘ownership’ to the ‘access economy’ — this is a process that takes quite some time and effort. If you look around for examples, you will quickly come across services like Spotify, Netflix or the public transport bike, OV Fiets. That this trend is cornering a lot of attention becomes evident when it is picked […]

Worried about Google Glass and your privacy? Dress up in stealth-wear!

With the recent introduction of the first 8,000 Google Glass devices, eager fans probably find themselves largely outnumbered by concerned critics. Many claim Google Glass might just represent the greatest breach of privacy and social etiquette we have seen in years. The fact that people wearing a Google Glass device can make pictures and videos […]

New initiative by Google is to definitively ban child pornography from the web

According to the latest rumors reported by The Telegraph, Google is working on a new plan to definitively ban child pornography from its search results. Despite statements that the initiative is unrelated to current affairs, the news does follow hot on the heels of pressure from British politicians on Google and other search moguls to […]

Project Loon: Google releases balloons so the whole world will have WiFi

This week saw the release of more information on Project Loon. This is an experiment by Google that involves sending up big balloons that are to provide the entire world with access to a WiFi signal. Although it may smack of some kind of corny April fool joke, Project Loon is a deadly serious exercise. […]

Rumors confirmed: Google acquires Israeli navigation service Waze

For months on end, rumors have persisted that Apple would buy Waze. Then the last four weeks suddenly saw Facebook touted as Waze’s suitor. However, hardly a day after the first rumors surfaced about Big G as potential buyer , Google snapped up the Israel-based navigation service. Over the last few months, we have exhaustively […]

Google’s new APIs transform your smartphone into an activity tracker

It may not have come as a total surprise to Moves, Saga, Pinion and Human, but the news during the first day of the I/O developer event may still have raised quite a few eyebrows. This was when The Big G announced the introduction of no less than three new APIs. The Activity API is […]

Women prefer Twitter and Facebook, men Google+ and LinkedIn

Check the infographic below for a bunch of fun facts. It is the result of various studies into social media usage among American men and women. compiled the most interesting findings from studies by organizations such as, Pew Research and The New York Times, and created a data visualization focusing on the battle of […]