Marc Teerlink: ‘I, Robot’ scenarios don’t pose a threat despite computers with anticipating capabilities’

IBM BusinessConnect was held yesterday. During this convention, professionals discuss topics such as the way in which Big Data analytics may benefit various business sectors. One of the speakers there was Marc Teerlink, a member of the team that was responsible for the development of the supercomputer Watson. This presented Numrush with a unique opportunity […]

How Big Data and Predictive Analytics are changing the world for IBM and its clients

Last week, Numrush was present at the annual “Information On Demand” event that was organized by IBM in collaboration with 300 of its business partners in Las Vegas. Attracted by the enticing slogan “Think Big, Deliver Big, WIN Big”, approximately 11,000 relations, staff members, clients and media representatives attended the event to learn about current […]

IBM aims to enhance mobile payment security with an NFC card

Increasingly, new technological developments show a shift towards the Bluetooth camp. And now IBM is introducing a new concept that uses NFC to enhance the security of personal data during mobile payment transactions. Should we be surprised by this move or actually consider it a logical development? We see this trend occurring time and again […]

IBM predicts heart failure using Big Data

IBM thinks that in the future it will be able to predict heart failure through Big Data analytics. In the United States, heart failure is a very common and costly disease. People who suffer from this condition often die within five years after having been diagnosed with it. In 2009, IBM joined forces with health […]

IBM uses Big Data to combat deadly infectious diseases

At this time of the year, you often see missives in which technology companies make predictions with regard to the spread of influenza. Google can measure this based on search queries for drugs, while Twitter and Facebook can monitor this based on snotty tweets and “I feel knackered” updates. The team at IBM wanted to […]

IBM’s Watson has finished studying medicine and now focuses on customer service

The life of a super computer is full of surprises. After IBM’s Watson beat everybody at Jeopardy without flinching as much as a processor, it recently obtained its PhD in medicine. So it started looking for a new challenge, and strangely enough, opted for customer service. The super computer that is able to draw up […]