Wearables 2.0: biomedical implants are the future

Away with wearables — implants are what we need! At least that is what Tim Cannon thinks. Cannon is a body hacker who recently integrated an implant in his arm for the purpose of collecting biometric data. In collaboration with Grindhouse Wetware, Cannon has developed a chip that is capable of measuring all sorts of […]

The TellSpec scanner analyzes all the nutrients in your food within seconds

An allergy to certain food types is always a problem. Does the food contain gluten? Have nuts been processed into this or that product? Packaging labels are not always very clear, and if you decide to visit a nice restaurant it’s particularly tricky to keep tabs on what has gone into the food on your […]

Amiigo: the youngest player in the wearable market

The market for wearables continues to grow. Approximately a year ago, we already wrote about the Amiigo, the latest fitness wristband on the market. Back then, the crowdfunding project still had to begin, but its inventors have already attracted funding (a cool 580,710 dollars) and taken the first wristbands into production! The Amiigo consists of […]

GlassUp is to become a crisply designed competitor to Google Glass

A new day, and a new competitor for Google Glass, the Big G’s – still not launched – smart glasses. We are talking about the GlassUp, created in (as the makers say) “the country of design” Italy. The creators are now trying to rake in their budget through Indiegogo. According to the GlassUp team, the […]

Crowd-funded diaper helps parents analyze their baby’s urine

Admittedly, it is not something new parents are likely to come across when they consult the literature on babies. However, over the years it has become clear that the urine of newborns can provide a wealth of information on the health on their youngest sprig. Determining what they should look for and how is quite […]

Scanadu launches Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for Scout

I still have to catch my breath, but I have actually done it. For the first time, I have contributed to a crowd funding project. Not just any project: we are talking about the Scanadu Scout. The inventors of this medical tricorder are now trying to raise funds through Indiegogo, and they are doing a […]

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer transforms your iPhone into a GP assistant

Know the feeling? You are not feeling quite right, but are neither ill enough to visit the general practitioner for a thorough checkup. Yup – we are talking about the familiar “it shall soon pass” moment. Needless to say it is not completely right to ignore the symptoms either, so the Kinsa Smart Thermometer might […]

Analyze your metabolism with Breezing, a mobile tracker

If Fuelband and Fitbit are a bit newfangled for your liking, chances are you will find that the mobile tracker Breezing is something from to Star Trek. Still, after a first introduction with the team during SXSW last year, I found myself eagerly awaiting it. The portable breath-scanner makes a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone […]