Marc Teerlink: ‘I, Robot’ scenarios don’t pose a threat despite computers with anticipating capabilities’

IBM BusinessConnect was held yesterday. During this convention, professionals discuss topics such as the way in which Big Data analytics may benefit various business sectors. One of the speakers there was Marc Teerlink, a member of the team that was responsible for the development of the supercomputer Watson. This presented Numrush with a unique opportunity […]

Ton Steenman: ‘Besides connectivity, analyzing all the data is our key challenge’

Last week, he really played a home match. During the FIA Mobility Conference in The Hague, Intel executive Ton Steenman, a former resident of the Dutch court-capital, delivered a keynote on connected cars. A chip manufacturer at a car event — it’s more logical than it would seem at first glance. We spoke to Steenman […]

Brian David Johnson: “Our main obstacle is a lack of imagination”

The future. That is what author and teacher Brian David Johnson largely deals with. For his role as Futurist at Intel, the American regularly finds himself 10 to 15 years into the future. According to his wife, he only returns home during the weekends to relax a bit. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to have […]

The Next Web 2013: Stephen Wolfram on the possibilities of Big Data and data visualization

Wearables, (big) data and data visualization all get their fair share of attention at The Next Web Conference 2013. One person really caused a stir with his presentation on real time data visualization and analyses this afternoon. Stephen Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Research showed the crowd how a combination of code and relatively simple algorithmes […]

Robert Scoble: ‘The biggest issue with Google Glass at the moment is the lack of apps’

Robert Scoble had a day job showing off his Google Glass these last few days in Europe. People in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands were all lining up as ‘The Scobleizer‘ was the one of the first to bring out a pair of Google Glass in public. Surely we had to ask Robert about his […]

Eric Schmidt: Google Glass won’t hit the stores until 2014

Last week the first test models were delivered to “Explorers”, and it only seemed logical that Google Glass would hit the consumer market this fall/year. However, Google’s Eric Schmidt contradicted this during an interview with BBC Radio 4. In the interview, Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, voiced his belief that it will take at least […]