Anki Drive: a cool racing game for the iPhone and harbinger of the Robot Revolution

Don’t worry: its not the start of Skynet. However, the advent of domestic robots seems to have been officially kick-started with the introduction of Anki Drive, an iPhone racing game with a twist. No less than four and a half years have gone into the development of these small racing monsters that can best be […]

Strava trumps Nike by launching the first app with M7 support

I can just picture it: high-fives all around the Strava office: “We just did it!”. Because the new version of Strava Run is the very first app to use the M7 processor in the new iPhone 5S, trumping sports giant Nike. The new M7 coprocessor was first presented during the launch of the iPhone 5S […]

iBeacons: Apple permanently closes the door on NFC and embraces Bluetooth

Sometimes the things that remain unsaid turn out to be the most important in the long run. Such as the introduction of iBeacons in iOS 7. While it went untouched during previous keynotes by Apple, the company has now made things abundantly clear: “NFC? No F***ing Chance“. Actually, the writing was already on the wall […]

Apple discourages the use of iOS 7 among its own staff

Since the announcement of a large-scale redesign of iOS 7, Apple fans cannot wait to see the result of the colorful project by designer Jony Ive with their own eyes. This is already possible through a shortcut, or at least if you have an iPhone developer account. Unfortunately, it will quickly become evident for those […]

Microsoft is working on a smartphone that can detect your mood

Of course, there is nothing better than being in the doldrums and sharing this automatically with the outside world via your smartphone. Recent research by Microsoft brings this functionality a step closer, to the delight of these ‘Sharers Without Frontiers’. It can also share automatically, by the way. The new technology is called ‘MoodScope’ and […]

BBC launches weather app for iOS and Android

There is nothing more unpredictable than the weather, as this cold spring once again proves. And the weather is as least as fickle in the United Kingdom. This proved occasion for the BBC to launch its own Weather app. Just before the start of various major British events, such as Wimbledon, Glastonbury and the Silverstone […]

PingMD enables family physicians to handle and diagnose patient complaints quicker

Anybody who has ever phoned a family physician will know that it is not always easy to directly speak to their doctor. Often it is necessary to make an appointment first — even if all you want is a quick answer to a relatively innocuous health issue. The New York start-up PingMD thinks it has […]

Remote sex? Durex introduces Fundawear

It was to be expected: Custom clothing for a bit of ‘Intimacy 2.0′. That’s why Durex Australia is introducing Fundawear. Speaking of brand utilities…

Google Now now also available for the iPhone and iPad

Android users have already had the chance to familiarize themselves with it, but to iOS users it came as a shock when Google announced this afternoon that its ‘digital personal assistant’ Google Now is now also available for the iPhone and iPad. In a roundabout way, but still. Did you ever find yourself hoping that […]

MediaMonks introduces the world’s first programmable social media T-shirt

Portable screens may well become the trend of 2013. We already wrote about the Heartfelt Apparel shirt that shows your heartbeat in real time, but now there is also a programmable T-shirt that you can control using an iOS app. The T-shirt allows you to show your last social media updates as well as images and […]