Coin: a universal payment card that tidies up your wallet

While various market players are wagering for non-physical payment methods, U.S. start-up Coin has come up with a surprising alternative: a universal payment card that can modify the data on its magnetic strip with lightning speed! For players such as Google, PayPal and Square, it’s quite a challenge to widen the adoption of non-physical payment […]

IBM aims to enhance mobile payment security with an NFC card

Increasingly, new technological developments show a shift towards the Bluetooth camp. And now IBM is introducing a new concept that uses NFC to enhance the security of personal data during mobile payment transactions. Should we be surprised by this move or actually consider it a logical development? We see this trend occurring time and again […]

PayPal also chooses Bluetooth over NFC for its new payment system

During the introduction of iOS 7, it once again became clear that Apple seems to have definitively chosen Bluetooth over NFC for its short-distance communication. The same applies to various gadgets that were introduced during the IFA convention in Berlin, as well as PayPal, which has also opted for Bluetooth LE for its Beacon device. […]