New Jawbone UP has just been announced: wireless synchronization at last!

The new version of the Jawbone UP activity tracker has just been announced. This comes rather as a surprise, although everybody was eagerly anticipating a variant of the wristband capable of wireless synchronization. While competitors like Nike, Fitbit and Withings were steadily increasing their wireless capabilities, the UP still found itself in limbo as a […]

How self-tracking and sports apps manage to actually change human behavior

Self-tracking has a long history in the area of sports. It’s therefore not surprising that a large number of the most popular apps are found in the sports market. For instance, apps for runners represent one of the most popular app categories in the various app stores. Currently over 100 million sports apps are downloaded. […]

Active ‘self-tracking’ to help Ajax on its way to the next championship

As technology becomes more accessible to everybody, an increasing number of soccer coaches and clubs are beginning to see the use of active monitoring of their players. First, the Dutch national soccer coach started checking their sleep patterns, and now Ajax’ coach Frank de Boer has started investigating the stress factor. This was one of […]

These eight wearables are the ones to watch

The market for wearables continues to grow. This makes it virtually impossible to keep track of all the developments. To help you out, we have created a brief overview of the current trends and the wearables you should keep your eyes on: 1. Run-N-Read The Run-N-Read allows you to read texts on an e-reader or […]

The next in Quantified Self: collecting dreams

We all dream, but forget 95 per cent of them upon waking. Hunter Lee Soik thought this was a shame and invented an app that lets users collect dreams: Shadow. Shadow is an alarm clock that wakes you by gradually getting louder. Since you are not directly snapped out of your dream, there is a […]

New sports watches by Garmin render personal coach obsolete

Garmin has introduced new watches for runners. The new GPS watch by Garmin is thin, light and features a color display. The manufacturer promises that these new watches containing the most advanced technologies will render personal coaches unnecessary. The Garmin Forerunner 220 and 620 offer joggers running schedules. If you run too quickly or too […]

Activity tracker Angel: a godsend for creative developers

Out of the blue there’s a white wearable that seems to prove the existence of angels. Because particularly for creative developers, this white wearable is a veritable godsend! The Angel bracelet boasts a host of integrated sensors that will set every self-tracker’s heart ablaze: they measure your movement, skin temperature, blood oxygen level and pulse. […]

Spreadsheets: Big Data on the sexual act, for couples

A resounding cheer from many an office: “Nosing through spreadsheets” has suddenly taken on a much more exciting connotation thanks to a new app named Spreadsheets. To some, it will seem like a borderline idea, but for others it will be a no more than logical: an app for tracking your love life. It may […]

New tracking app Temple favors user convenience over accuracy

You can keep track of where you have been with Foursquare, update your food diary with Foodzy and expertly analyze your sports activities using a plethora of fitness apps. Bottom line: the biggest problem of tracking apps is that they demand a lot from their users. That, in any case, is the opinion of the […]

Sleekly designed activity tracker ‘Shine’ now available in Apple Stores

The company started as a tribute to Steve Jobs, who died the day it was founded. Their first project went on to become one of the most acclaimed crowd-funding projects, and as of this morning, the Misfit Shine has finally become available to the public. As you may have expected, the activity tracker hit the […]