Numrush to predict the future in the coming weeks

The last couple of years has seen the pace of technological developments really take off. As you may have noticed, Numrush is able to report something new each day. Every new piece of technology offers the promise to improve your daily lives. So where do all of these predictions stem from? Research shows that a […]

Facebook can predict how long a relationship will last

Scientists can find a wealth of fascinating data on Facebook. This often yields interesting findings. For instance, did you know that it’s possible to use Facebook data to predict whether a romantic relationship will stand the test of time? After analyzing over a million Facebook profiles, Jon Kleinberg, a computer scientist at Cornell, and Lars […]

Amazon set to broadcast its own TV series after exhaustive data analytics

This month, Amazon will broadcast two new television series that it has entirely produced in-house. Needless to say, this was not done in a spur of the moment, but in typical Amazon fashion: after an in-depth analysis of various data streams. Already this spring, CEO Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon would start producing its own […]

Silicon supercharger makes batteries last weeks

Until now we had to consider ourselves lucky if our smartphones lasted a full day. But now this is set to change. With a new silicon supercharger, your battery will last for weeks, plus it will charge in no time! Technology for turbo-charging batteries has been around for quite some time. However, thus far nobody […]

M-Blocks: little self-building robots

Invented by John Romanishin of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, M-Blocks are small robots that assemble themselves into a single, larger robot. By jumping and twisting, the robots are able to transport themselves, and they can assemble using magnets. Although this in itself may not seem much, these robots are a step […]

IBM predicts heart failure using Big Data

IBM thinks that in the future it will be able to predict heart failure through Big Data analytics. In the United States, heart failure is a very common and costly disease. People who suffer from this condition often die within five years after having been diagnosed with it. In 2009, IBM joined forces with health […]

One in three Brits visit their GP less often due to the advent of health gadgets

A recent study into the use of activity trackers and other health-related gadgets among the British public has yielded a number of interesting insights. Not only do the British extensively invest in gadgets, it also causes them to visit their general practitioner less frequently. No less than one in three of the participants in the […]

Five ways Big Data can save lives

Big Data is everywhere. This also applies to the healthcare sector. So, how can Big Data provide a tangible contribution to healthcare? Here’s a list of five ways Big Data can actually save lives. 1. Identifying side-effects and adverse reactions to drugs Research has shown that Big Data makes it possible to uncover hitherto unknown […]

Quantum Teleportation: one step closer to Star Trek

Doctor Who and Lieutenant Commander Scott can high-five each other: researchers at the University of Queensland have managed to teleport information on a chip using quantum teleportation. Whoa, Scotty! An absolute scoop, according to the Australians. For the first time in history, a team of scientists have managed to teleport a series of data packages […]

Electronics become bendable, ductile, organic and transparent

Bendable, ductile and organic. These are terms not readily associated with our traditional view of electronics. But chances are that this classic image of electronics will soon change. Why? Well, last week scientists at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences introduced a bendable and ductile loudspeaker. This transparent loudspeaker is filled with a […]