Samsung’s CEO promises to introduce foldable displays within two years time

The Samsung Analyst Day not only focuses on financial data. A lot of attention is also paid to the innovations that Samsung will introduce in the coming years. For instance, what to think of a display that you can fold up? A ductile screen was announced previously, but apparently that was not enough for the […]

Sony Smartwatch 2 wins on design points, but on a functional level doesn’t seem a contender for the Galaxy Gear

Two smartwatches were in the spotlight during the last edition of IFA in Berlin: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Sony’s Smartwatch 2. But is it fair to compare the devices to each other? It isn’t, we concluded when we got the chance to test the Smartwatch 2 at Sony’s stand. In terms of display size, the […]

Smartwatch by Samsung will be called ‘Galaxy Gear’

Although the news stream seems to indicate otherwise, various companies are working hard behind the scenes to develop smartwatches. The whisper-stream has it that Microsoft is the closest to launching a device, although a filing with a U.S. patent agency has immediately put Samsung back on the map. Recent documents from the US Patent & […]

‘Microsoft’s Xbox team is already testing a smartwatch’

It really is true: a day is an eternity on the Interwebs, let alone two days. While on Monday we covered a rumor that Microsoft was talking with suppliers about the production of a smartwatch, today The Verge reports the company is already testing smartwatch prototypes with a 1.5 inch touchscreen.