Neck tattoo by Motorola allows wearers to operate a smartphone

Motorola, which was acquired by Google two years ago, has submitted a patent that is tantalizing to say the least: the mobile phone manufacturer intends to develop electronic tattoos. These tattoos are to function as a mobile microphone, digital display and lie detector. The electronic tattoo allows its wearers to directly record sounds. All background […]

Tone: direct insight into weight loss from sports activities

It can be difficult to gain insight into the quickest way of burning fat. For the one person this could be a half-hour running session, while someone else would have more success with muscle exercises. A scale doesn’t always help, either: any lost weight may just as well be due to lost fluid or muscle […]

Infographic: the impact of wearables on the healthcare sector

Numrush often writes about new healthcare technology. However, it is often difficult to fathom its actual impact on the healthcare sector. Pathfinder Software has created a special infographic to fill this gap. It shows which wearables are currently available and which are actually used in healthcare. Very handy!

Mercedes-Benz showcases its first self-driving car

Last week, Mercedes-Benz presented its first ever self-driving car to the public. During a showcase, the new Mercedes S 500 Intelligent Drive drove for the first time along a route of over 100 kilometer, all by itself. During this milestone for Mercedes, the car manufacturer thought it fitting to take a historic route — the […]

Structure Sensor brings 3D scans to your mobile device

There’s an exciting new project on Kickstarter: the Structure Sensor. This device by Occipital is capable of scanning objects or even complete rooms and creating 3D images from them. The Structure Sensor has been developed for the iPad. The sensor scans objects, converts them into 3D files and directly sends them to your computer. You […]

Digital pill warns general practitioners if patients forget their medication

In collaboration with Proteus Digital Health, scientists have developed a digital tracker that warns general practitioners if patients have forgotten to take their pills. The tracker is processed into the patient’s regular medication. Since the sensor is the size of a grain of sand, the patient won’t notice anything. When the pill comes in contact […]