Everybody can improve their gardening skills with the smart Soil IQ

They say it helps if you talk to your plants. They won’t talk back, but, taking its cue from Koubachi, the smart Soil IQ sensor intends to help you with gardening or cultivating your own fruit and vegetables. Green fingers never came cheaper! The Soil IQ is more than a compact, sleekly designed sensor. With […]

Techno textile: smart T-shirts and socks are the harbinger of the next-generation wearables

Gadgets like the Fitbit and Fuelband are great fun, and your smartwatch or cool glasses will also make you look like a highly sophisticated techno-fan. However, the next generation of wearable technology really lives up to the monicker of “wearables”: smart T-shirts and socks stuffed full of sensors. Now that the market for activity trackers […]

Technology to prevent brain damage resulting from sports activities

Heading the ball in soccer, getting hit in the nut with a hockey puck or getting tackled during football: all these things seem an innocent part of the game. However, more and more studies show that all these hits to the head do permanent damage to the brain, particularly when it comes to the long-term. […]