Neck tattoo by Motorola allows wearers to operate a smartphone

Motorola, which was acquired by Google two years ago, has submitted a patent that is tantalizing to say the least: the mobile phone manufacturer intends to develop electronic tattoos. These tattoos are to function as a mobile microphone, digital display and lie detector. The electronic tattoo allows its wearers to directly record sounds. All background […]

Samsung’s CEO promises to introduce foldable displays within two years time

The Samsung Analyst Day not only focuses on financial data. A lot of attention is also paid to the innovations that Samsung will introduce in the coming years. For instance, what to think of a display that you can fold up? A ductile screen was announced previously, but apparently that was not enough for the […]

3D printing makes prosthetics a lot cheaper and more sustainable

Prosthetics are expensive — unless you use a 3D printer and smartphones rather than expensive hardware and unique components. That is the idea behind the Handie, a hand prosthetic that takes less than $400 to produce. Handie is a prosthetic that consists of components created using a 3D printer. This approach not only results in […]

13:56 wristband lets you operate your smartphone by moving your arm

I have often said it — it is possible to take the development of wearables too far. However, contrary to the Embrace+, the 13:56 wristband offers more potential than people initially thought. But its creators have made a few design choices that are likely to prohibit large-scale success. Although the 13:56 wristband features a simple […]

A confrontational video: do smartphones ruin our social lives?

Five years ago, people still considered you a nerd if you grabbed your smartphone to tweet something in between things. Now everybody is doing it. Not just during meetings or at work, but during dinners, parties or other social activities with their friends, kids or significant other. Film maker Carlene DeGuzman created the short movie […]

Microsoft is working on a smartphone that can detect your mood

Of course, there is nothing better than being in the doldrums and sharing this automatically with the outside world via your smartphone. Recent research by Microsoft brings this functionality a step closer, to the delight of these ‘Sharers Without Frontiers’. It can also share automatically, by the way. The new technology is called ‘MoodScope’ and […]

The W/Me bracelet analyzes your heart rate and respiration — and helps you locate your smartphone

It looks like wearables are becoming a tad smarter with every new wave. A case in point is the Kickstarter project W/Me, a smart bracelet that does not focus so much on your (sports) activities, but aims to provide you with a more holistic overview of your health status.

First porn app for Google Glass already in the making

The porn industry has traditionally led the way when it comes to the development and acceptance of new technologies. It was therefore only a matter of time that the first erotic Google Glass apps would be developed. And lo and behold — these rumors have now been confirmed by MiKandi (#NSFW), a producer of various […]