How self-tracking and sports apps manage to actually change human behavior

Self-tracking has a long history in the area of sports. It’s therefore not surprising that a large number of the most popular apps are found in the sports market. For instance, apps for runners represent one of the most popular app categories in the various app stores. Currently over 100 million sports apps are downloaded. […]

Tone: direct insight into weight loss from sports activities

It can be difficult to gain insight into the quickest way of burning fat. For the one person this could be a half-hour running session, while someone else would have more success with muscle exercises. A scale doesn’t always help, either: any lost weight may just as well be due to lost fluid or muscle […]

Nike creates new metro map for London showing FuelPoints between stations

A Nike+ FuelBand is a great device for tracking your daily activities. The app’s playful nature will quickly challenge you to move more — between metro stations, for instance. The people at Nike thought the same, so they sent out a data scientist to determine how many FuelPoints you can actually earn by walking from […]

How IBM Slamtracker allowed tennis players to improve their performance during Wimbledon

During large tournaments, professional sportspeople carefully prepare themselves for each match. In the case of a tennis player, this would involve a thorough analysis of one’s body and physical shape, the court, the weather conditions and, of course, their babolat pure drive racquets. Based on all this information, sportspeople draw up their game plan, and […]

Argus: an ambitious all-in-one activity and food tracker from Azumio

Although the name Azumio will probably not ring an immediate bell, you may be familiar with their most popular app to date: Instant Heart Rate. This app helped the company secure financial backing from various investment funds, so it could continue working on its ambitious Argus project. The result of that project is now available […]