Strava trumps Nike by launching the first app with M7 support

I can just picture it: high-fives all around the Strava office: “We just did it!”. Because the new version of Strava Run is the very first app to use the M7 processor in the new iPhone 5S, trumping sports giant Nike. The new M7 coprocessor was first presented during the launch of the iPhone 5S […]

Life-logging camera Memoto goes into private beta with first production models

We start off the week with Memoto, the life-logging camera from Swedish soil. Funnily enough, we already cursorily touched on this highly successful crowd funding initiative, but this is the first time we dedicate a feature on it. With the first cameras rolling off the production belt, this is a good moment to pay a […]

New tracking app Temple favors user convenience over accuracy

You can keep track of where you have been with Foursquare, update your food diary with Foodzy and expertly analyze your sports activities using a plethora of fitness apps. Bottom line: the biggest problem of tracking apps is that they demand a lot from their users. That, in any case, is the opinion of the […]

A per-country analysis of tweets on the Eurovision Song Contest

While it’s like an oven outside and summer finally seems to have arrived despite a few false starts, let’s travel a month back in time for a bit. Because aren’t you interested in knowing how much of a hot topic the Eurovision Song Contest was on the web? Exceptionally hot, if we are to believe […]

Jawbone shells out over $100 million for the acquisition of BodyMedia

Only two months ago, Massive Health announced its acquisition by Jawbone. Yesterday it was reported that the latter had again dug into its wallet, this time to take over its activity tracker competitor BodyMedia for a whopping $100 million.