AIRO wristband analyzes what you’ve eaten in real-time

The activity tracker arena may see an interesting addition in the shape of the AIRO wristband. Besides tracking your sleeping patterns, counting the steps you take and measuring your stress levels, the wearable device is said to be capable of analyzing what you’ve eaten during the day. With the new wristband, the AIRO team not […]

‘Smart sock’ allows parents to monitor their newborns via a smartphone

Placing a loudspeaker on your coffee table to monitor the sleep pattern of your newborn baby seems a thing of the past. Keeping tabs on the little one is being propelled into the 21st century by solutions like the Withings Baby Monitor and smart diapers. The next in a spade of innovation is a smart […]

Sleekly designed activity tracker ‘Shine’ now available in Apple Stores

The company started as a tribute to Steve Jobs, who died the day it was founded. Their first project went on to become one of the most acclaimed crowd-funding projects, and as of this morning, the Misfit Shine has finally become available to the public. As you may have expected, the activity tracker hit the […]

Quantified Woof: an activity tracker that provides insight into your dog’s health

If the appearance of pets in the timeline of the hype cycle is any indication of success, activity trackers are in business. Because, now that your dog has kept you company on your social network or has started Twittering along with you, the time is ripe for the first activity tracker for your faithful four-legged […]

Jawbone shells out over $100 million for the acquisition of BodyMedia

Only two months ago, Massive Health announced its acquisition by Jawbone. Yesterday it was reported that the latter had again dug into its wallet, this time to take over its activity tracker competitor BodyMedia for a whopping $100 million.

‘Microsoft’s Xbox team is already testing a smartwatch’

It really is true: a day is an eternity on the Interwebs, let alone two days. While on Monday we covered a rumor that Microsoft was talking with suppliers about the production of a smartwatch, today The Verge reports the company is already testing smartwatch prototypes with a 1.5 inch touchscreen.

It was only a matter of time: Microsoft is now also working on a smartwatch

After Apple, Samsung, Google and LG announced their plans for smartwatches, Microsoft now also shows itself a contender in the battle for time – if we are to believe the latest rumors reaching the editors of the Wall Street Journal. The software giant is reported to be hold negotiations with various suppliers for the production […]