TapTap: a wristband that creates a private world for lovebirds

We know most wearables by now. There are activity trackers, smartwatches, wristbands that provide notifications, you name it. This makes it pretty difficult to come up with something new. However, a recently announced crowdfunding initiative attempts to do just that with the TapTap: a wristband for personal communication. Thanks to social media and ubiquitous Internet […]

Wearables 2.0: biomedical implants are the future

Away with wearables — implants are what we need! At least that is what Tim Cannon thinks. Cannon is a body hacker who recently integrated an implant in his arm for the purpose of collecting biometric data. In collaboration with Grindhouse Wetware, Cannon has developed a chip that is capable of measuring all sorts of […]

Fitbit Force now officially announced

As we predicted last week, the Fitbit Force is on its way. Today, the successor to the Fitbit Flex was officially announced. The new fitness tracker features two important additions: an OLED display and an altitude meter. Its display allows users to call up more information than ever before. For instance, you can directly check […]

Amiigo: the youngest player in the wearable market

The market for wearables continues to grow. Approximately a year ago, we already wrote about the Amiigo, the latest fitness wristband on the market. Back then, the crowdfunding project still had to begin, but its inventors have already attracted funding (a cool 580,710 dollars) and taken the first wristbands into production! The Amiigo consists of […]

13:56 wristband lets you operate your smartphone by moving your arm

I have often said it — it is possible to take the development of wearables too far. However, contrary to the Embrace+, the 13:56 wristband offers more potential than people initially thought. But its creators have made a few design choices that are likely to prohibit large-scale success. Although the 13:56 wristband features a simple […]

These eight wearables are the ones to watch

The market for wearables continues to grow. This makes it virtually impossible to keep track of all the developments. To help you out, we have created a brief overview of the current trends and the wearables you should keep your eyes on: 1. Run-N-Read The Run-N-Read allows you to read texts on an e-reader or […]

8 things you didn’t know about Samsung’s Galaxy Gear

Samsung’s smartwatch Galaxy Gear has hit the shops. In the beginning of September, the device was presented during the IFA and met with predominantly positive feedback. Needless to say we have already covered the smartwatch extensively, but here’s a brief overview of the 8 most important advantages the Gear has to offer! 1. More than […]

Motorola files patent for a smart wristband with eye tracking and voice recognition

The focus for the next generation of wearables seems to be on the wrist. This is evidenced by Nike’s FuelBand and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, as well as a comment by Apple’s Tim Cook, who described the human wrist as “highly interesting”. This has given rise to development in other areas as well, a case in […]

Sony Smartwatch 2 wins on design points, but on a functional level doesn’t seem a contender for the Galaxy Gear

Two smartwatches were in the spotlight during the last edition of IFA in Berlin: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Sony’s Smartwatch 2. But is it fair to compare the devices to each other? It isn’t, we concluded when we got the chance to test the Smartwatch 2 at Sony’s stand. In terms of display size, the […]

New ‘MooMonitor’ activity tracker is to map out the health of cattle

An increasing number of people can be seen wearing them. There are also variants for dogs, and even shepherds are using the technology. And for those who are still not tired of this trend, there’s a “moo” activity tracker: the MooMonitor by Dairymaster. The British outfit Dairymaster is not a hip start-up from London’s Silicon […]